We love Patti Labelle On Dancing With The Stars

Patti Labelle with Ziamond statement necklace

Ms. Patti Labelle wearing Ziamond statement necklace.

We are beyond excited to hear that our loveable diva,  Ms. Patti Labelle, is one of the talented dancers on this season’s hot television show Dancing With The Stars.  Here at Ziamond, we love us some Ms. Patti Labelle.  Our history with Ms. Patti, as we refer to her,  goes back many years.  Every time we see Ms. Patti it’s a love-fest.  We love her and she loves jewelry.  Having seen her perform across the country and command the stage with her powerful and soulful singing voice, we know that she will bring that same exuberance and showmanship to Dancing With The Stars.  She looks amazing and still performs with what seems to be unlimited energy.

Patti Labelle wearing ziamond canary diamond look ring

Patti Labelle showing off her Ziamond canary diamond look ring

Ms. Patti adores the finer things in life.   She owns many pieces of Ziamond jewelry. We must say, that when Ms. Patti wears Zamond jewelry, she always makes our jewelry look even better due to her own bright shining star.  At 70 years of age and a worldwide superstar, Ms. Patti has seen and traveled the world many times over.  She has access to all the greatest things life has to offer, from the finest designers to stupendous jewelers of the world. Yet, Ms. Patti Labelle always shows Ziamond love and gets so excited to wear our jewelry.  See the images we have here in this blog post that show Ms. Patti wearing her Ziamond Jewelry.  We wish Ms. Patty nothing but the best on Dancing With The Stars.  We know that her performances will be energetic as well as fun.

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