Vanity Initial Pendants All The Craze With Hollywood Celebrities

Ziamond Cubic Zirconia Cz Vanity Tag Initial Pendant
The typical initial pendant has come a long way.  Hollywood celebs are rocking these unique Vanity Tag Pendants that sport a single diamond encrusted initial that carries a great deal of importance for them. Hollywood actresses and celebs that have been spotted with a Vanity Tag Pendant have been Mrs. Tom Cruise, a.k.a. the actress Katie Holmes. Katie’s Vanity Pendant has an S on it for her daughter Suri.  Nicole Ritchie wears her tag with the initial H for her child Harlow, and Carmen Electra has also been spotted with the letter R on her Vanity Tag.
You too can have your own affordable and stunning version of the Vanity Tag Pendant. Ziamond offers our version of the Vanity Tag featuring the finest high quality Ziamond cubic zirconia stones.  Ziamond’s Vanity Tag Pendant can be customized with the initial of your choice. Whether it’s your first or last name initial or the initial of a loved one or child, you are sure to display it proudly with this delightful piece!

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