Tyra Banks Declares “I wear Ziamond Cubic Zirconia”


Tyra Banks the Princess of Daytime Talk and the Queen of Super Models declared her affinity for Ziamond Cubic zirconia jewelry. Not only did Ms. Tyra say that she wears Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry, she loves Ziamonds so much that she chose Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry as a preferred choice to gift her audience on her annual Christmas show. Tyra chose an unsuspecting audience member to gift a pair of Ziamond signature cushion cut cubic zirconia stud earrings set in 14K white gold. Then proceeded to tease the audience by telling them that these Ziamond earrings were expensive, valued at $400 and she really could not provide the whole audience with a pair. Then she jumped with joy announcing that she was gifting the entire audience with Ziamond earrings. The audience was ecstatic.

This is another display that Ziamond brand cubic zirconia jewelry enjoys a reputation as the leader in its field. Ziamond is recognized by celebrities, athletes, models, actors and jewelry connoisseurs as the leading jewelry brand in its category. Remember that Ziamond cubic zirconia earrings and jewelry are an affordable and give you an amazing look at a fraction of the price of diamonds. All Ziamond stones are hand cut and polished and set in solid gold or Platinum, and come with the Ziamond Lifetime warranty.

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