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Dancing With The Stars…Another Ziamond Connection


With all the celebrity relationships that Ziamond has built throughout the years, it’s only natural that some of our celeb friends in Hollywood will shine under the national spot light from time to time. Ziamond would like to give a loud shout out to R&B superstar Mario and Oscar Winning actress Marlee Matlin. These two splendid and talented people have been selected for the 2008 season of the hit ABC show, Dancing With The Stars. We have all the confidence in the world that both Marlee Matlin and Mario will do an amazing job.

On another note, we also want to give our well wishes to a local talent that’s right here from South Florida (proud home of Ziamond headquarters) who has also been hand picked to be on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars, our very own “Superstar” Miami Dolphin, Jason Taylor. Jason is a class act that always excels at whatever he does. He deserves to be in the spotlight on and off the Grid Iron.

Ziamond Good Luck for Giants in Super Bowl XLII?


Phoenix was all a buzz this year because Super Bowl XLII was in town. There was an overwhelming tidal wave of thoughts as to who was going to win the biggest football game of the year. The Giants fans were steadfast in their belief that an upset was afoot. Deep down in the back of their minds they must have known the Giants were over matched by the New England Patriots. Well the New York fans were correct, the Giants pulled out the biggest upset in Super Bowl history.

I wonder if the fact that the Owner of the Giants (pictured here), Steve Tisch, was spotted caressing a Blinged out Ziamond football the day before the big game brought any luck to the Giants? There is an additional rumor that while he was watching the game in the owner’s box with his close friend Donald Trump, he was rubbing his very own custom made Ziamond Millionare Money Clip for good luck. Who knows, Ziamond may have had a hand in the outcome of this fabulous event. If anything, once again, Ziamond was in the middle of all the action.