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Round Prong Set Eternity Band Sweepstakes

round diamond look prong set eternity band 14k yellow gold sweepstakes November, 2016

Enter to win this 14k yellow gold cubic zirconia round prong set eternity band valued at $595

What better way to start the holiday season than with a Round Prong Set Eternity Band, in 14k yellow gold, valued at $595! For the month of November, Ziamond is giving away a FREE round prong set eternity band to one lucky winner!

Set in solid 14k yellow gold, this eternity band perfectly displays our round simulated diamonds in individually hand set a four prong mountings. This fully encrusted wedding band includes approximately 1.75 carats in total carat weight of Ziamond’s spectacular hand cut and hand polished Russian formula cubic zirconia. Each brilliant and sparkly stone in this ring weighs about .10 carat each with 58 sparkling facets and measuring approximately 2.75mm in width. This makes for a great stand alone band, a stackable band and a complimenting band to your solitaire. Continue reading

World’s Unluckiest Engagement Ring? We don’t Think So

princess cut solitaire with pave diamonds on shank
Is this the unluckiest style of engagement ring?
Does the diamond shape and style of engagement ring have any bearing on having a successful engagement or marriage?  We find that a funny question because it seems ludicrous, but believe it or not, there was a recent poll taken in England on this very topic.
A study was done in Great Britain by comparejewellery.com asking nearly 2000 divorced or separated women about their engagement rings.  Most of the women were found to have worn a white gold ring with a diamond band and a princess cut square cut diamond center stone.  The website concluded that this style of engagement ring is the world’s “unluckiest engagement ring!”.  Wow, can that really have any merit? In any event it is interesting and humorous.    
The superstition continues with a man in Pennsylvania that claims his engagement ring “left a path of destruction behind it.”  Perhaps, this is all just a coincidence.  There are many happily married couples with princess cut and pave set diamond rings because this style of engagement ring is very popular. 

Is the princess cut and pave engagement ring style unlucky or just the couples who got divorced or separated?  We will never know for sure!   

Ziamond Cubic Zirconia Jewelers offers a variety of simulated diamond quality cubic zirconia shapes and carat sizes of engagement rings to compliment any lifestyle, none of which are considered unlucky!  Our Russian formula cubic zirconia stones are hand cut and hand polished to exact diamond specifications for the best possible finished product.  
Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars on genuine diamonds when you can have the same look and feel at a fraction of the cost?  Our expert jewelers provide you with the same high quality 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mountings for a look that will absolutely surpass your expectations.    

Rare Canary Asscher Cut Diamond On Display

asscher cut canary diamond
16 Carat Asscher Cut Canary Diamond

A rare 16 carat yellow canary Asscher Cut diamond will be on display in Edmonton, Canada by Birks Jewelers.  The company reported the stone to be a stunning 16.01 carat fancy intense canary yellow diamond that is set in a platinum ring setting with additional pave set diamonds.  This recently discovered diamond is said to be conflict free and ethically sourced. 

The Asscher Cut was originally invented in the early 20th century by the Asscher Brothers of Holland.  The Asscher brothers are known for their many diamonds cut for royalty, including the Crown Jewels of Great Britain.  The Asscher Cut gained recent popularity as featured on the hit television show Sex and the City.
cubic zirconia asscher cut
Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone By Ziamond
Ziamond Cubic Zirconia Jewelers offers an Asscher Cutinspired version in the world’s finest lab created diamond simulant.  All Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry is made from the finest hand cut and hand polished original Russian formula cubic zirconia set in solid 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mountings.
Additionally, Ziamond Asscher Cut cubic zirconia is available for purchase as a loose stone or in any of the other up to date designs and styles offered on our storefront.  The option for fancy yellow colored cubic zirconia is available in any of our products. Visit Ziamond today.

Celebrity Engagement Rings Infographic

Here at Ziamond we are certainly in the business of high quality cubic zirconia jewelry and especially cz engagement rings. We saw this infographic created by SimplyBridal.com and we had to post it. It’s a lot of fun to see the newest engagement ring of any celebrity and it’s even more fun to share it and talk about it with our friends. 
The infographic has great information about celebrity engagement rings like the ones for Beyonce and Jay-Z, Donald and Melania Trump, Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes.  Notice the average price and size of the celebrity diamond in an engagement ring versus us mere mortals and average jewelry citizens. Remember, Ziamond is here to provide you with the finest jewelry alternative to expensive mined diamonds. Visit us today for an amazing and affordable option for your dream engagement ring.

Celebrity Engagement Rings Infographic

Caring For Diamonds, Same Goes For Ziamonds


A recent video from Fine Living shows you the proper care, cleaning and storage for your diamond jewelry. Not surprisingly enough the same applies to your Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry. All jewelry purchased from Ziamond is best cleaned in the same manner and frequency as you do your diamond jewelry. Watch the video.

Christie’s Auctioning 56-carat, D-flawless Heart Diamond. Ziamond Will Cut Your Own Cubic Zirconia Version


Geneva— On May 18 at its “Magnificent Jewels” auction in Geneva, Christie’s is auctioning off a 56 carat heart shaped diamond that is internally flawless with a perfect D color. Estimates have the diamond selling for between $9 million and $12 million.

According to Christie’s, cutting a perfectly symmetrical heart while ensuring brilliance and maintaining weight is something only the world’s most skilled diamond cutters are able to do. The auction house estimates that less a handful of 50-carat plus heart-shaped diamonds have appeared at auction in the past 20 years.

Be assured that Ziamond can provide you with the perfect heart shaped diamond simulant with a Ziamond Cubic Zirconia that would also be comparable to D in color and flawless in clarity with perfect proportions and brilliance. Simply head over to Ziamond’s Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone Collection by clicking here and you can actually choose the shape and size of your choice. Ziamond also offers custom stone cutting options as well, especially if you are trying to replicate an exact diamond.