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24K Gold Wheelchair For Lady Gaga


24k gold lady gaga wheelchair

Lady Gaga will recover in style from hip surgery in this custom, one of a kind wheelchair!  Lady Gaga underwent surgery last month to repair her injured hip after canceling the remainder of her world tour.  It has been reported that Lady Gaga commissioned Ken Borochov of the luxury brand Mordekai to create a one-of-a-kind 24 karat gold plated wheelchair with black leather.  

Ken Borochov has designed many celebrity pieces, and stated, “I certainly wasn’t expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the Chariot, a chair fit only for a queen.” 

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Rare Blue Diamond Sells For $2.9 Million


A rare blue diamond ring by Bulgari sold at auction for an impressive $2.9 million! According to an article at bornrich.com, the ring was originally a customized piece from the famed jeweler Bulgari commissioned by a European collector as a gift to his wife in the 1960’s. Its unique and intricate design takes your breath away with its rare pear shaped blue diamond and white diamond for an amazing look of elegance. Expertly set tapered diamond baguettes flair down each side of the shank of the ring further accentuate and beautify the ring as they flow towards the exquisite blue and white pear shaped diamonds.

At Ziamond Cubic Zirconia CZ Jewelers, we understand and interpret our customer’s desires through our Custom Design Services. Not only is Ziamond a manufacturing cubic zirconia cz jewelery company, Ziamond is also recognized as top quality Master Jewelers that create original special orders designs for it’s customers through our Custom Design Services. Ziamond is commissioned by many customers to create or reproduce the jewelry design of their dreams. We feature an unlimited variety of stone sizes, shapes and custom color options. If we do not have the exact stone you are looking for, Ziamond will custom cut if for you through our custom stone cutting services to have a stone cut to your exact specifications. Whether the design you want is to be made in 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum, Ziamond Cubic Zirconia CZ Jewelers can and will surpass your expectations. Provide us with an image and we will have our design team create the ring you have always dreamed about. Click here to start your custom jewelry design.

Ziamond Designs The iPhone iButton


The Apple iPhone has literally transformed the landscape of cell phones and PDA’s. Technology itself and how it is delivered and accessed by the end user has had a profound paradigm shift with the inrtoduction of the Apple iPhone. The amazing imagery, sleek aesthetics and amazing apps are just some of the great innovations of the iPhone. Ziamond staffers are no strangers to the iPhone and the wonderful pleasures of owning this technological marvel. So it’s no wonder that Ziamond had to add it’s own flair to the Apple iPhone by creating a Ziamond encrusted home button for the iPhone. The Ziamond “iButton” (as we have affectionately named it) is a customization that features a 1 ct. round Ziamond cubic zirconia that is bezel set in solid 14K gold and is encircled by an additional 1 carat of pave` set Ziamonds for a total carat weight of 2 carats. The Ziamond iButton for the iPhone is just another example of Ziamond’s abilitites as a jewelry designing and manufacturing firm along with Ziamond’s love for jewelry and wanting to merge their passions with their environment.

Ziamond Introduces The Casina Royale Solitaire©


The Ziamond Couture Collection has spawned many new innovations and designs that showcases Ziamond’s abilities as craftsmen and manufacturers of the finest cubic zirconia jewelry in the world. In many cases these designs are derivatives of customer’s inputs and comments. One superstar from the Ziamond Couture collection is the Casina Royale Solitaire© ring. The Casina Royale© is on par with any fine diamond jewelry design on the market today. The center stone features a 4 ct. Ziamond radiant cushion square. Almost the entire rest of this ring is encrusted with pave set Ziamonds that would enthrall any lucky lady who wears it. Each Casina Royale Solitaire© has to be custom made for each customer. In addition Ziamond has to make each ring to the individual’s unique finger size, since this ring can not be sized after it is made. If the jewelry design of your dreams is on your mind, reach out to the Ziamond Custom Design Department and they can help you achieve that custom look you have been aiming for.

Ziamond Custom Pin For The Margarita King Seen On Oprah


Ziamond has had a long and valuable relationship with Giovanni, a.k.a. “The Margarita King”. Not only is the product “The Margarita King” a Gold Medal Winning beverage, Giovanni is also the master of his craft. At Ziamond, we value the ethic of hard work and creativity in building a brand. Giovanni is a shooting star in his field. The passion and flair he brings to his product is infectious. His tag lines of “King Me Baby”, “Shakin’ It With Love” and “Shake It Baby” are renown in the circles of Hollywood and all the hot spots in the L.A. scene and beyond. He and his award winning margaritas are in demand for private parties in the celebrity scene. When Giovanni “The Margarita King” is holding court, be forewarned that the party is on.

Giovanni owns a custom made Ziamond lapel pin (shown here) iced out in the shape of his stylistic Margarita King logo. The interesting story behind this piece is that it was presented to him by his good friend and Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx while they were in Miami (see image here).

Just recently The Margarita King himself was featured on Oprah for a private party she had in her residential building. The party was very private and it was exclusively for Oprah and her neighbors. Needless to say, Giovanni was the hit of the party, as usual. And what was Giovanni wearing? His Ziamond “Margarita King” Pin of course, he never leaves home without it. Watch the video clip here and you can spot the Ziamond pin on Giovanni’s lapel.