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Pippa Middleton’s Asscher Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Pippa Middleton's Asscher Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Pippa Middleton Inspired Engagement Ring by Ziamond

Presenting Pippa Middleton’s Asscher Cut Halo Engagement Ring! Her long time beau, James Matthews, proposed to Pippa Middleton with a stunning Diamond Asscher Cut Halo Style Engagement Ring!  The surprise proposal was on Sunday, July 16, 2016 and the couple plans to marry some time in 2017.  Needless to say, Ziamond has recreated Pippa’s halo styled engagement ring and it’s a perfect choice for up and coming millennials that are ready to get married, more on that later in this blog post.

Pippa Middleton’s Asscher Cut Halo Engagement Ring features a stunning diamond Asscher Cut center stone that is bezel set in a platinum setting.  A halo of round diamonds perfectly surrounds the center diamond reflecting its art deco and vintage styling.  The brilliant halo mimics the shape of the Asscher Cut center stone in a beautiful sought after popular design!  E! News reports the following:

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Eternity Band or Anniversary Band?


Choosing a wedding band is an important decision because it will become a symbol to remind you of the vows taken on your wedding day and will remain sentimental in value for years to come.  Two of the popular styles of wedding bands are eternity bands and anniversary bands. So, what is the difference between an eternity band or an anniversary band?

An eternity band is a ring with faceted stones that are typically set edge to edge to completely circle the finger.  Eternity bands never require you to adjust the way the ring sits on your finger throughout the day, because the entire band looks exactly the same all the way around the entire circumference.
cubic zirconia asscher cut eternity band 14k white gold

Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Eternity Band is a stunning example 
of an eternity band with a shared prong setting in 14k white gold. 

 There are many styles of eternity bands that include prong set eternity bands, bezel set eternity bands, shared prong set eternity bands and channel set eternity bands.  Eternity bands can be worn alone or next to your engagement ring.  One thing to remember about eternity bands is that they usually cannot be resized.  Because of the design of the band, it generally cannot be made smaller or larger if you lose or gain weight in the future.
Anniversary bands are another wedding band option to wear next to your solitaire engagement ring, and are offered in a variety of styles and designs.  An anniversary “style” band is a band that consists of faceted stones that are set halfway down both sides of the shank.  The stones can be prong set, channel set, or bezel set.
cubic zirconia channel set round anniversary band 14k yellow gold

Round Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Band displays the channel set style of anniversary band 
with stones that are set halfway down both sides in 14k yellow gold.

The anniversary “style” band can be worn as your wedding band right next to your solitaire.  The anniversary band also refers to a ring that commemorates a special milestone in a marriage that is presented at a later date in the marriage.  This type of anniversary band is generally worn on the right hand, or it can be added to the wedding set you already have.  Anniversary bands can be resized if needed at a later date.
Eternity bands and anniversary bands are both beautiful wedding ring styles that will certainly compliment a solitaire and are just as stunning when worn alone.  With the many styles and designs available in today’s marketplace, it can be a tough decision to make.
Ziamond is known as the cubic zirconia jewelry specialists and the leaders in the industry.  Ziamond offers a variety of the best high quality Russian formula cubic zirconia jewelry including eternity bands and anniversary bands set in the finest solid 14k, 18k gold and platinum mountings.  Additionally, if you do not see the exact ring style you are interested in on our site, you can request our custom design department to make the ring of your dreams!  

Rare Canary Asscher Cut Diamond On Display

asscher cut canary diamond
16 Carat Asscher Cut Canary Diamond

A rare 16 carat yellow canary Asscher Cut diamond will be on display in Edmonton, Canada by Birks Jewelers.  The company reported the stone to be a stunning 16.01 carat fancy intense canary yellow diamond that is set in a platinum ring setting with additional pave set diamonds.  This recently discovered diamond is said to be conflict free and ethically sourced. 

The Asscher Cut was originally invented in the early 20th century by the Asscher Brothers of Holland.  The Asscher brothers are known for their many diamonds cut for royalty, including the Crown Jewels of Great Britain.  The Asscher Cut gained recent popularity as featured on the hit television show Sex and the City.
cubic zirconia asscher cut
Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone By Ziamond
Ziamond Cubic Zirconia Jewelers offers an Asscher Cutinspired version in the world’s finest lab created diamond simulant.  All Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry is made from the finest hand cut and hand polished original Russian formula cubic zirconia set in solid 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mountings.
Additionally, Ziamond Asscher Cut cubic zirconia is available for purchase as a loose stone or in any of the other up to date designs and styles offered on our storefront.  The option for fancy yellow colored cubic zirconia is available in any of our products. Visit Ziamond today.