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Hailey Baldwin Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


A detailed close up image of the Hailey Baldwin Oval Diamond Engagement Ring is not yet available. Finally, we have found out some of the basic details about the ring. Reported by Glamour magazine, it is a stunning oval shaped center stone weighing approximately 6 to 8 carats. An 18K yellow gold mounting secures the oval diamond center stone. Please see below for excerpts from the article.

Her Diamond Engagement Ring Details

Hailey Baldwin oval diamond engagement ring

Hailey Baldwin Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

By now, you’ve probably seen a grainy, zoomed-in paparazzi photo or two of Hailey Baldwin‘s engagement ring from Justin Bieber, reportedly given to her mid-dance in the Bahamas last weekend. Though the groom-to-be confirmed the news on Monday, details on the ring itself remained sparse. Now, the jeweler behind the bling, Jack Solow of New York City-based Solow & Co., Inc. Diamond Jewelers, is shedding some light on how it came together—from Justin’s role in the custom design to just how special the stone is.

Bieber was specific about the type of band. He wanted the diamond set on (18 karat gold, Solow said. “My guess is that it was important to Hailey,” the jeweler speculates.

Though Solow didn’t get into the weight or cost of the diamond, sources told TMZ that the oval-shaped stone is between six to ten karats, and that the ring is estimated to have cost around $500,000. Read the entire article at
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The Real Reason We Buy Diamonds


What is the real reason we buy diamonds? Bloomberg gives the reason we buy diamonds in their recent report on the history of why we place such importance on a diamond engagement ring. It is very interesting to see how the expert advertising, of a once simple wedding ring, evolved into a billion dollar business that has the entire world coveting this sparkling shiny rock.

2.5 carat round baguette solitaire engagement ring

Round 2.5 carat baguette solitaire engagement ring in solid 14k white gold by Ziamond.

The diamond engagement ring is still an integral part of the association to love, longevity and a happy marriage. The bigger the diamond and the better the quality, the more you are loved and the longer your marriage will last. We all know the cited phrase “A diamond is forever.”

A concentrated effort was placed on building up the reputation of a diamond into something that has become a tradition and a necessity when planning to marry. The mining of diamonds and how they are a valuable item was even taught to children in schools, to indoctrinate them into the institution of marriage, and thus the purchase of a diamond engagement ring. Continue reading

Finest Lab Created Synthetic Simulated Man Made Gemstones

Finest Lab Created Synthetic Simulated Man Made Gemstones

Pink Diamond Look Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones Lab Created Synthetic Simulated Man Made Gemstones

Ziamond’s large variety of the world’s finest Lab Created Synthetic Simulated Man Made Gemstones are now respositioned on their own individual section and categories on the website. The best quality of synthetic corundum red ruby, synthetic corundum blue sapphire gemstones and lab created green emerald simulants are now available in a vast selection of shapes and sizes in addition to diamond quality canary yellow, pink diamond look and white diamond look cubic zirconia. Continue reading

Get the Best Diamond Alternative

diamond alternative

Diamond alternative engagement rings.

Natural diamond, synthetic diamond or simulated cubic zirconia are all popular choices but what are the differences and which option should someone choose?  In recent years and with advancing technology the jewelry industry has experienced a major shift in the market specifically towards lab created man made diamonds as well as simulated diamonds, aka cubic zirconia as a viable diamond alternative. Although today’s consumer perceives natural diamonds as a valuable investment, many consumers are opting for diamond alternatives due to the ever changing market and economy. Diamond alternatives provide so many choices as well as affordability. Continue reading