Iced Out Engagement Ring Takes On New Meaning


Now here is a unique proposal idea. You can have your own engagement ring embedded into a martini glass sculpted out of ice. A martini proposal worth $10,000 is the latest to make the rounds among the uber-rich. The Monica Martini of Minus5 Ice Bar at the Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay is a Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka martini, which comes adorned with a diamond engagement ring. Given a notice of 48 hrs, Minus5 is sure to embed and sculpt a diamond engagement ring of your choice into a martini glass crafted out of pure artesian water from New Zealand. Now, this is what we call a classy proposal.

Here at Ziamond, we have heard of some unique proposal ideas, but this one is nice because the ring is sandwiched right into the martini glass. A Ziamond engagement ring featuring a high quality Ziamond cubic zirconia would also hold up to these extreme icy temperatures, so in theory you can have this same glacial experience with your Ziamond ring as well. What a story you would have to tell.

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