Hope Diamond, Shmope Diamond. Look out!


Ziamond wants you to feast your eyes at at one expensive stone, a 6.04 carat diamond that is Fancy Vivid Blue color and has Internally Flawless clarity. The stone sold in a platinum ring where it is flanked by two white emerald-cut diamonds for a grand total of $7.98 million at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction. For comparison purposes, a 7.01 round white diamond from Blue Nile with G color and and IF clarity is listed at $386,927. The price is a new record to price per carat, a whopping $1.32 million which beats the previous record for a diamond known as the “Hancock Red” that fetched just over $900,000 per carat in 1987. The extremely rare diamond was picked up by Moussaieff Jewelers, which has a collection of rare gemstones include the Moussaieff Red, a rare red diamond.

Remember, all Ziamond stones are hand cut and polished to exact diamond standards by diamond cutters. With Ziamond’s extensive experience and unsurpassed quality, you too can have just about any color, clarity and shape of stone cut to your requirements. Simply call 1-866-ZIAMOND and speak to a Ziamond specialist in Ziamond’s Special Order Department. They can speak to you in detail and quote you for your dream stone.

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