Google Passwords Replaced With Engagement Rings?


What if your engagement ring or wedding band served double duty as a symbol of love and the way to access to all your personal data?  Google is developing password alternatives to secure the login process with pass devices that allow you to login in with a high tech ring worn on your finger or a keycard that can be plugged into your computer’s USB port.
Google stated in a research paper in IIEE Security & Privacy Magazine, “We’d like your smartphone or smartcard-embedded finger ring to authorize a new computer via a tap on the computer, even in situations in which your phone might be without cellular connectivity.” 
Google is currently testing a USB card called Yubikeys, which purpose is to remove passwords off computers and the cloud by linking the accounts with an actual device instead of and account tied to text.  Imagine in the future being able to securely log in anywhere with a customized ring that can also be a wearable and stylish piece of jewelry like an engagement ring, better yet a piece of Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry.  It will be interesting to see what new technology will offer us in the years to come as things get more and more advanced.  

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