Engagement Rings For Pi Day In Japan


Japanese Pi Day Diamond Engagent Ring
Pi Day is an annual international celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π because of its decimal representation of 3.14 signifying the month and day of March 14th or 3/14.  Pi Day is observed on March 14thand in 2009 the United States supported the designation of Pi Day observance.

It has been reported that in Japan Pi Day has become a popular day to propose marriage with a .314 carat diamond engagement ring.  The decimal form of π is 3.14 and is used to represent an eternal love as the decimal form of π is a number that never ends and signifies a love that will last into eternity.

The Japanese also celebrate White Day on March 14thwhich is exactly one month after Valentine’s Day.  White day is when men reciprocate the gifts given to them by women on Valentine’s Day.  Chocolate gifts are given to men on Valentine’s Day as an expression of love, courtesy, or social obligation.   An appropriate White Day gift from a man to a woman is cookies, white chocolate, marshmallows, white lingerie and jewelry. The return gift is supposed to be two to three times the value of the gift the man received on Valentine’s Day by the woman.  The new trend in Japan is to propose eternal love with a .314 carat diamond engagement ring on Pi Day and many jewelers in Japan are cashing in on the holiday with a variety of ring styles and designs.

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