De Beers Sees Rising Diamond Prices In 2015

rising diamond prices for rough diamonds

De Beers sees 2015 potential rise in diamond prices

Wow, what a shocker! According to a recent article in Bloomberg News,  the De Beers diamond cartel is seeing another opportunity to raise diamond prices, yet again. They are using the reasoning that a tight credit market in late 2014 was why the fourth quarter on 2014 saw a decline in revenue. De Beers always has some excuse for an annual price increase. Even though they do not sell polished and cut diamonds, they do control the majority of the world’s sales of rough diamonds. The sales of rough diamonds are by invitation only to De Beers authorized sight holders that are the only ones authorized and approved by De beers to purchaser their rough diamonds.

Rising diamond prices are nothing new. It’s almost a certainty that the powers that be dial in a pre-calculated price increase on diamonds on a regular basis.  The rise in the prices of rough and unpolished diamonds are passed along to the finished, cut and polished diamonds. In turn, the increased cost of industrial diamonds and jewelry also experience the price increases that are pushed through the pipeline to the final consumer.

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