How To Choose A Matching Wedding Band


Three Basic Types of Matching Wedding Bands

Choosing the perfect matching wedding band can be a daunting task, especially for the groom who may be a bit clueless. It really is a simple task once you have the basic terminology explained so it all makes sense. There are some basic types to choose from, and then a multitude of options from there.  The three main types are called flush fit bands, straight fit bands and shadow wedding bands or contoured wedding bands.

Flush Fit Matching Wedding Band

flush fit matching wedding band

Britney cushion cut pave wedding set with a flush fit.

A flush fit band refers to a flat matching band that will sit up flush against the solitaire or main engagement ring.  For this type of wedding band, the engagement ring must be designed to accommodate the band with enough space below the head or prongs of the center diamond. Usually, these are sold as a matching set as they are cast together and crafted for a perfect fit together. As an example, Ziamond offers the Britney Cushion Cut Wedding Set that features a perfect flush fit style band along with the solitaire.  The band of the Britney bridal set (shown above) is specially made to fit flat against the shank of the engagement ring and to fit just below the underside of the center stone. The prongs of the center stone will not interfere with the flush fit of the wedding band, creating a nice tight configuration with a fitted look. This Britney Bridal Set is offered in a variety of center stone carat sizes as well as metals like 14k gold, 18k gold or Platinum,.

wedding sets

Straight Fit Matching Wedding Band

straight fit matching wedding band

Millenia 1.5 carat emerald cut halo wedding set with a straight fit.

For engagement rings that have a large gallery or low head, a straight wedding band will beautifully compliment the engagement ring, even though the two rings will not sit perfectly flush together. Having a space between both rings is actually a fashionable way to wear your engagement ring with a wedding band and offers you many options in terms of the look you want to achieve. This is sometimes referred to an eclectic look, with a band that is complimentary but not a puzzle style fit. This style of wedding set and matching band allows you to wear the solitaire on its own or you can just wear the band on its own for those days you want to just wear a band.  The Millenia Wedding Set (shown here) features a stunning engagement ring and a matching straight band that accents the solitaire with its extensive design and details on all three sides of the rings.

Shadow or Contoured Matching Wedding Band

matching wedding band

Soliera 1.5 carat round double halo wedding set with a contoured or shadow fit.

A wedding band which has a curved styling that conforms to the profile of the engagement ring is referred to as a shadow band or contoured band. This allows the engagement ring and matching band to sit flush to the main head of the solitaire with the top of the band beautifully accenting and hugging the center stone(s). The only drawback is that the band may not look its best when worn on its own. Because of its curved design, it looks best when worn with the solitaire it was made for. The Soliera Wedding Set features a stunning contoured or shadow matching pave band.  The curved band perfectly compliments the engagement ring with its flowing lines.

More Choices To Be Made

Although the wedding sets featured above are matching wedding sets, you can basically choose any engagement ring style and coordinate it with a band of your choice. Everyone has their own tastes and expectations. There is no right or wrong matching band style and it really boils down to personal style and preferences. Once you have decided on a basic wedding band style, you have the opportunity to customize your wedding set by the way your diamonds are set. Diamond setting options include:  shared prong set, pave set, bezel set, bar set, flush or burnish set, channel set, surface prong set and several more. Depending on the diamond shape and ring setting, the possibilities are endless!wedding sets

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