Blue Sapphire September Birthstone Gemstones


Beuatiful color man made blue sapphire September Bbirthstone

Blue Sapphire September Birthstone

Lets talk about the Blue Sapphire September Birthstone!

Blue sapphire gemstones are the birthstone for the month of September and the modern choice for a 45th wedding anniversary! The Sapphire September Birthstone is a popular alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. I have been a long time lover of blue sapphires for their bold and regal look. Now is the time to showcase your love too!

The color, brilliance, and radiance of a sapphire cast an alluring spell on those who adore them. Recently, sapphire gemstones have become increasingly popular from the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton with the oval sapphire halo ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana. Most people do not know that Lady Diana Spencer actually chose the ring herself that has become the most famous engagement ring in history.

sapphire september birthstone

Princess Diana pictured with her famous sapphire oval engagement ring. Image via

It is reported that the ring Lady Diana close and received reminded her of her own mother’s engagement ring. What a nice gesture for Prince William to present the ring to Kate Middleton, the now Duchess of Cambridge. It features a 12 carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of brilliant round diamonds. Even with a sapphire not being the conventional choice for an engagement ring, it is still a popular contender among many fine jewelry consumers. A blue sapphire is not only for those born in September!

Sapphire September Birthstone

Kate Middleton and Prince William Oval Blue Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

A blue sapphire September birthstone will beautifully accent a center diamond in a three stone ring, can be an alternative to diamond studs, and can also be the focal point of an engagement ring, cocktail ring or anniversary ring – the options are endless! They are so versatile and can be worn from day to night time.  The possibilities are endless. Whether you are born in the month of September or not, the sapphire blue gemstone is the perfect choice!

According to an article in, Birthstones – gemstones that are associated with the month in which a person was born, have special meanings for the people they’re associated with. What you may not realize, however, is that they actually say quite a bit about your personality. Individuals born in September have the birthstone sapphire, and are known to be “calm, cool and collected.”  read more at

Sapphire September Birthstone

Oval Blue Sapphire Gemstone Halo Engagement Ring

The calming effects of a sapphire reach far and beyond what one would think.  The sapphire has many powerful and positive effects that include a  spiritual awakening or spiritual enlightenment. In addition, natural healers promote the sapphire for the various health ailments that can be helped including inflammation, depression and even cancer.

Sapphire September BirthstoneThe lure of a sapphire is increased by knowing the process a natural mined sapphire goes through from start to finish. Knowing this process makes one realize the value and longevity the blue sapphire has to offer. Blue sapphires can be extremely valuable and are a nice addition to your fine jewelry collection.

sapphire september birthstone

Ziamond Lab Created Man Made Sapphire Stud Earrings in 14k white gold.

The transformation of a rough sapphire into a prized jewel is a wonder of human ingenuity that dares to improve on nature. It takes millions of years for the specific geological conditions of high pressure and temperature to turn naturally occurring aluminum and oxygen together with chromium for a pink color, or iron and titanium for a blue color, into a raw and rare gemstone. Exceedingly large amounts of mined rock are necessary to produce only a few grams of suitable stones.  read more at sapphire september birthstone

Sapphire September Birthstone

The Belluna Man Made Blue Sapphire Oval and half moon engagement ring by Ziamond.

Ziamond man made sapphires are lab created and lab grown. They possess the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics of natural sapphires and are just as hard, with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. All Ziamond sapphire September birthstone gemstones are created in a laboratory under the same conditions that nature takes to make a genuine sapphire. They are then hand cut and polished in the same manner as a genuine sapphire.  Coupled with our well known simulated diamond cubic zirconia, and our solid 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mountings, you can achieve the look you want without the costs associated with a genuine mined sapphire.

Sapphire September Birthstone

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