Add Some Sparkle To Your Face With Ziamond Studs


The most basic staples in a woman’s jewelry wardrobe (and some men as well) is a pair of diamond or Ziamond sparkly stud earrings. Ziamond stud earrings are by far one of the best choice a woman can make. Let us count the reasons why:

1. Cost is by far the major reason. A nice pair of 1 ct. each (2 carats total weight) in 14K gold would run you upwards of $10,000.00. Ziamond studs are barely over $100.00. That is a no brainer.
2. Ziamond studs go with everything. Whether it is a formal event or a night out with the girls in jeans and a t-shirt, Ziamond studs will fit the bill. They speak volumes and state your confidence about yourself. They add a glow to your face that is easily noticeable.

3. Ziamond stud earrings come in different shapes and sizes, as well as colors. Giving you many choices to add to your jewelry wardrobe. (The hot shapes right now are Ziamond Cushion cut studs and Ziamond Asscher cut stud earrings.

4. Ziamond hears stories daily about women who lost their diamond stud earrings. The stories we here are amazing, but that is for a later post. They are in a panic when they call. They feel naked with out their studs. However, they do not want to experience such a loss again. They opt for Ziamond studs, they are usually better color and clarity than the diamonds they owned and women usually choose to upgrade in size. Again at a mere fraction of the price.

5. If you are not already a Ziamond customer. Ziamond stud earrings are a great way to start experiencing Ziamond jewelry. They are usually the first piece a customer starts with. Once you wear them and you start to get numerous compliments, you are sold.

Celebrities also love their Ziamond Studs. Just some celebs who sport Ziamond earrings are Felicity Huffman, Rosario Dawson, Patti Labelle, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carmen Electra, Fantasia, Jamie Foxx, Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Angela Bassett, Usher, Big Boi of Outkast. The list goes on and on.

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