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Effective this week, Ziamond will be featuring a select item from the Ziamond Collection to be showcased on the Ziamond Blog. The inaugural Ziamond Feature Of The Week will be The Ziamond Tiffany Solitaire with Matching Bands. The Tiffany Solitaire has become a ubiquitous pillar in the jewelry industry. The original Tiffany solitaire design is about a century old and has morphed into the standardized Tiffany Solitaire of today. By far, these are the most popular engagement ring styles chosen by brides and grooms world wide. Tiffany & Co. were the originators, but due to the popularity of the style, the ring has become a generic staple. The Tiffany Solitaires have always enjoyed a prominent area on the Ziamond website, Ziamond has enhanced the section over the years buy adding the availability of different shapes and sizes. Now Ziamond has gone a step further and added the Tiffany Solitaires and Matching Bands section. OK, you say what is so special about that? Well, we will tell you. A traditional Tiffany Solitaire that is worn with any basic band will usually have a gap between the two rings. We are sure you have seen someone who has a set like this and has this issue. Even if you order a standard Ziamond Tiffany Solitaire and any band, they will not sit flush together. Some people are OK with that, but others want a fitted look. The Ziamond Tiffany Solitaire and Matching Bands Collection will fit flush together. Each set is custom made per order to insure a proper fit and alignment. So it will look as if the set was custom made for you (it really was). Tailored and precise is what you will receive when you order your Ziamond Tiffany Solitaire and Matching Band. The set is great for daily wear and for traveling. It is simple and classy. The solitaire and band can be worn together or separately, giving you amazing flexibility. Some days you may just want to wear the band, and other days you may just want to wear the solitaire. Of course you can always wear them together for a pristine effect on your wedding finger.

This Ziamond Feature Of The Week comes with a special offer exclusive for on-line orders placed using a special coupon code from 9/16/07 through 9/21/07. The Ziamond Tiffany Solitaire and Matching Band Collection are available in 14K, 18K or Platinum. Get your set today with your choice of center stone shape and size. This week only you can order your Ziamond Tiffany Solitaire and Matching Band and receive a 15% discount, use coupon code TBAND.

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