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Ziamond is happy to announce the inaugural post to the Ziamond Blog! Due to popular demand, the Ziamond Blog is now a reality. We hear from customers time and time again asking “When will Ziamond have a Q&A blog?” and “How can we hear from the Ziamond designers or jewelers?” It’s here! The Ziamond Blog is the first of a few blogs that will be launched. Our customers and friends will have an opportunity to receive updated posts to the Ziamond Blog. It will contain many issues from today’s hot trends and topics, technical and industry specific news, specialty news and events from Ziamond, as well as, fantastic product promotions and customer interaction. All in all, it is another way that Ziamond can communicate and socialize with our loyal customer base.

In the very near future, Ziamond plans to initiate additional blogs from Ziamond’s Design Department and Production Department. These additional blogs will serve as venues and forums allowing the different and unique facets (no pun intended) of Ziamond to be showcased and available to our readership. Ziamond will keep things fun and exciting, and will welcome feedback and comments from everyone.

2 thoughts on “Ziamond Blog Launch

  1. Cynthia M.

    I am glad you have started this area. I can now get more information and hopefully get to know Ziamond better. I love all my purchases so far and I hope to be able to get more Ziamonds soon. Please post new style information and some special coupon deals.

  2. Ziamond

    Thanks for the post regarding Ziamond website functionality. We appreciate the feedback and we will pass it on to the webmasters at Ziamond. In the meantime, feel free to call 1-866-ZIAMOND and a Ziamond consultant may be able to assist you in your search.


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