What’s up with Platinum prices?


There is no doubt about it, Platinum and Gold are at recent historical record highs! This seems to be the story for all precious metals as well as oil and gas these days. Ziamond is addressing Platinum today because it is well over $1,300.00 an ounce. The basic answer as to why PLATINUM is so expensive is simple…Supply and Demand. As the world’s populations expand, so does consumerism. Things such as the jewelry markets, electronics manufacturers, the health care industry and the the auto industries all demand the precious metal of Platinum. This absorption from the demand side puts a real strain on the supply side. In the end it all translates to dollars out of our pockets. Yes OUR pockets, this effects everyone, not only the consumer, but also the raw material users such as the manufacturers. We have to remember that the prices we see reflect costs incurred across the spectrum, consumers, as well as suppliers, manufacturers, and marketers all feel the brunt of rising costs in the precious metal industry.

While it is true that Platinum prices are continuing to rise, the reality remains that Platinum is still extremely rare and precious. The beauty and scarcity of Platinum is unrivaled. Kings and Queens for centuries have revered Platinum as the premier metal of choice to set their precious gems into. Gold, while beautiful and rare as well, is still a distant second. When you hold a piece of Platinum jewelry in your hand, your mind has to wonder a myriad of thoughts such as the following:

1. How many thousands of years has this metal been on this planet?
2. What did the miner who brought this metal up to the surface of the planet go through?
3. Has this item been refined from a previous piece and who else may have worn or touched this metal in a previous life, before it got to me?
4. What was the craftsmen thinking and feeling while working on my Platinum masterpiece?
5. Where will my Platinum piece be centuries from now? Will someone else be wearing my piece, or will it have been melted and refined for some other use?

When Ziamond first began to manufacture our Ziamond stones set in precious Platinum, people in the industry could not understand why. Ziamond is steadfast today on that topic as we were then. Platinum is Platinum! There is nothing better. Ziamond customers are refined and educated. They know that Platinum takes their Ziamond jewelry to a whole new level. Ziamond’s Platinumsmiths are at a different level of craftsmanship than our goldsmiths. All of Ziamond’s Platinumsmiths are extremely well trained and talented. They come from a strong background in fine jewelry and the art in making it, this is just another reason why Ziamond customers turn to Ziamond. The work and skills speak for itself and are projected through Ziamond’s designs and quality. Ziamond is the manufacturer, our craftsmen actually make our jewelry. The house of Ziamond is an all encompassing jewelry facility that can execute your design down to that minute detail.

See below for an some of the enduring qualities of Platinum from the website http://www.preciousplatinum.com ,the official website of the Platinum Guild International.


Platinum is pure, an expression of integrity, a reflection of inner truth. Platinum’s purity endows it with a brilliant white luster. This helps to reflect the true radiance of diamonds. Because it is generally 95% pure (18 karat gold is 75% pure), platinum jewelry does not fade or tarnish and keeps its looks for a lifetime. Platinum’s purity makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Platinum is rare, the coveted treasure of discerning individuals. There is very little platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This exquisite metal is 30 times rarer than gold. In fact, it is estimated that if all the platinum in the world were poured into one Olympic swimming pool it would be scarcely deep enough to cover your ankles. Gold would fill more than three pools. Platinum’s rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive – a celebration of your individuality.

Platinum jewelry is the perfect choice for a lifetime of everyday wear. Its density and weight make it more durable than other jewelry metals. Platinum does not wear away and holds precious stones firmly and securely. Like all precious metals, platinum scratches. However, the scratch on a platinum piece is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. So, even though wearing it each and every day may leave an impression on the surface, it remains what it was – a symbol for all things eternal.

In addition to its strength and density, platinum has another remarkable quality – pliability. Platinum is so pliable, that just one gram of the metal can be drawn to produce a fine wire over one mile (almost 2 km) long. This quality has enabled jewelers to create some amazing versatile platinum mesh accessories, which could not be fashioned from other precious metals. Platinum is also in demand in other fields – it is used in industry, most notably in catalytic converters. Platinum also plays an important role in medicine. It is not affected by the oxidizing reaction of blood, has excellent conductivity, and is compatible with living tissue. Because of these properties, platinum is used for pacemakers. At present, more than 50,000 people are living healthily on pacemakers. Platinum is a life-saving metal for these people.

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  1. Jeni

    I love your product. I have had my wedding rings for five years now, and they still look great! Everybody comments on how beautiful they are. No one can tell that they’re not real diamonds. I didn’t want real diamonds after I read an article about the diamond mining industry. Thanks for the great designs and quality. I highly recommend Ziamond.


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