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Round Man Made Ruby Halo Pendant Sweepstakes

1.5 carat round man made ruby halo pendant 14k yellow gold

1.5 carat round man made ruby halo pendant 14k yellow gold. Retail $395.

The birthstone for July is the magnificent gemstone we call the Ruby. Many people don’t realize that gem quality rubies are even more expensive than diamonds of equal size. As a special treat for our July sweepstakes, we are giving away a 1.5 carat Round Man Made Ruby Halo Pendant set in 14k yellow gold. It is  valued at $395 from our popular Round LaRue pendant series. The center lab created man made ruby is 1.5 carats, with a single halo of pave set high quality Ziamond Russian formula diamond look cubic zirconia.      Continue reading

Ziamond Can Provide Alternative to Cartier $1.3 Million Ruby Ring That Just Sold At Auction


On April 13th a 6.29 ct. Burmese Ruby three stone ring made by famed jewelry house Cartier, recently sold for $1.32 million at Doyle’s New York Jewelry auction. The ruby and diamond ring was set in platinum and flanked on either side with elongated straight diamond baguettes. This is an astonishing price because this ruby sold at over $200,000 per carat. This goes to show how expensive natural rubies are. Ziamond synthetic ruby jewelry and Ziamond synthetic rubies are corundum. Ziamond’s synthetic rubies are physically, chemically and optically the exact same as a natural ruby. Once we set our synthetic rubies in our solid gold and platinum jewelry settings, no one can tell the difference between a natural ruby or a Ziamond synthetic ruby. Call us today at 1-866-ZIAMOND or visit http://www.ziamond.com/ to have your custom ruby ring or jewelry made by the finest cubic zirconia jewelers, Ziamond.