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Bigger Diamonds for a Second Marriage Engagement Ring

second marriage engagement ring

Britney 5.5 Carat Round and Pave Second Marriage Engagement Ring Option

A sometimes troublesome topic involving a second marriage engagement ring can be sorted out and solved so the future bride and groom are happy and supportive with the choice made.  Getting married for the second time has a multitude of differences from the first time around.  Financial status may have changed for the better as now you are older and wiser and more stable in your careers. Children are now grown up and on their own and your homes and furnishings are already paid for.

Some women have no choice on the size of their first engagement ring, as they may be a young couple just starting out, but as they mature and get settled in life, they revisit the longing for a symbol of success especially for a second marriage engagement ring.  Other women want a nice sized diamond engagement ring to symbolize the perception that, for the second time around, this marriage will be successful.

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Many jewelers see the increasing focus on rings primarily as a sign of how much money second-time couples have. “The second marriage always means higher-priced diamonds,” said Elizabeth Chatelain, president of the marketing company Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council. “Women are more comfortable with diamonds these days. Women are even buying diamonds for themselves.”

Karl M. Taps, assistant manager at Cartier, said of second-time brides: “They have more of the ways and means to get bigger stones. They don’t need to set up a home,” or have many of the other financial burdens that young marrieds carry. read more at

For Better or for Worse

second marriage engagement ring

Varina Asscher Cut, Trapezoid and Tapered Baguette Second Marriage Engagement Ring

In some cases, financial status may be worse due to the financial strain from the divorce and obligations in of itself. Financial burdens and unforeseen expenses are a lot to handle when an impending engagement is nearby. Blended families can take a toll on the finances as well as a second marriage with a new baby on the way. One may need a larger home to accommodate this growing family, therefore causing a strain on the budget.

As you grow older, and experience life in general, one develops intelligence and a better taste for the good things in life. You are a successful couple who wants to start out your new life together, hopeful of success and happiness. Another couple may want to solidify their sense commitment to each other as the diamond engagement ring plays a significant role in the beginning of their second time around.

As Diane Meier Delaney writes in “The New American Wedding,” (Viking Penguin, 2005), “We stand in the face of broken families, broken promises, broken contracts and believe that this time it will be different.” read more at

Remember the slogan “A diamond is forever” and how we have been taught to believe how many paychecks equal the dollar amount we need to spend for a diamond engagement ring? These sayings have been ingrained in our minds and are hard to justify doing it any other way.  At Ziamond, we hear many stories from customers who are on their first, second and even third marriage. It is not uncommon for a upcoming bride or groom to be wary about purchasing something other than a fine diamond engagement ring as it is just the opposite of what we have always been told to do. Here at Ziamond we hear from so many customer that tell us this is a second or third marriage for the bride and the groom. They have new priorities as they have aged and grown wiser. They do not want to spend tens of thousands on a diamond ring, but they can afford to if they wished. They seek an alternative to an expensive mined diamond engagement ring or wedding band. They want the look without the worry.

Problem Solved

second marriage engagement ring

Winston 5.5 Carat Round and Pave Second Marriage Engagement Ring

So what is the solution? Splurge on a ring that you can or cannot afford? Buy an engagement ring that is not what you really want in terms of size and quality? Spend a small fortune that could be better utilized in other areas of your life? Break the stigma of keeping up with the Jones’s? It is time to discover the secret that everyone is keeping.

Ziamond is the answer!  We offer the finest hand cut and hand polished original Russian formula cubic zirconia that have the look and feel of a fine diamond at a fraction of the cost.  Get everything you want and in terms of gem size, quality and style. Our fine jewelry quality settings utilize the same exact solid 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mountings used to set fine diamond engagement rings. In addition, Ziamond offers a lifetime warranty on all our high quality diamond look cubic zirconia gems and a 1 year warranty on all jewelry against any manufacturing defects. With peace of mind and a feasible budget that gives you the look of a fantastic diamond rind, Ziamond has these couples covered. If you are a person who has been contemplating a second marriage engagement ring and now want to do things as a smarter and more educated consumer, see all that Ziamond has to offer.

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