The Real Reason We Buy Diamonds


What is the real reason we buy diamonds? Bloomberg gives the reason we buy diamonds in their recent report on the history of why we place such importance on a diamond engagement ring. It is very interesting to see how the expert advertising, of a once simple wedding ring, evolved into a billion dollar business that has the entire world coveting this sparkling shiny rock.

2.5 carat round baguette solitaire engagement ring

Round 2.5 carat baguette solitaire engagement ring in solid 14k white gold by Ziamond.

The diamond engagement ring is still an integral part of the association to love, longevity and a happy marriage. The bigger the diamond and the better the quality, the more you are loved and the longer your marriage will last. We all know the cited phrase “A diamond is forever.”

A concentrated effort was placed on building up the reputation of a diamond into something that has become a tradition and a necessity when planning to marry. The mining of diamonds and how they are a valuable item was even taught to children in schools, to indoctrinate them into the institution of marriage, and thus the purchase of a diamond engagement ring.

Elizabeth Taylor pictured wearing the famous Krupp diamond.

Elizabeth Taylor pictured wearing the famous Krupp diamond.

Movie stars and celebrities were often purposely pictured with stunning engagement rings in print and film. A one month’s salary was increased to a two months salary, heavily advertised for the amount that should be spent on a diamond engagement ring. In recent years the suggested threshold was elevated to a whopping three month’s salary. A concentrated effort was placed on a diamonds importance, therefore also inflating its value. As we watch this video, we realize that the aura and perceived value of diamonds is a result of a sustained marketing effort by the diamond industry.

Fast forward to today, every girl still has the expectation and dream of getting a beautiful diamond engagement ring. With that being said, spending habits have changed and the importance of a getting a diamond engagement ring has shifted to include diamond alternatives like laboratory created and lab-grown diamonds as well as other high end diamond simulants.

As a disruptor in the diamond and jewelry industries, Ziamond offers the best possible diamond engagement ring alternative. A lab created and laboratory grown cubic zirconia simulated diamond, coupled with a solid 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mounting, affords you the look you want for a whole lot less than its diamond counterpart.

Asscher cut lab created laboratory grown cubic zirconia simulated diamond.

Asscher cut lab created laboratory grown cubic zirconia simulated diamond by Ziamond.

Our lab grown cubic zirconia is hand cut and hand polished to exact diamond standards, virtually indistinguishable from a perfect quality mined diamond unless professionally tested.  All Ziamond diamond simulants are comparable to D in color and flawless in clarity on the diamond grading scale. The jewelry mountings and settings Ziamond uses meet the same industry standards as any other high quality mounting used by major fine jewelry houses.

Getting engaged is a wonderful time in ones life and one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Despite the intentional expert marketing over history, we would like to believe that the real reason we buy diamonds (or a Ziamond simulated diamond) is to symbolize our love for our partner in marriage thus keeping alive the wonderful traditions that will sure to be around for many, many years to come.


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