History Of The Tennis Bracelet


CZ tennis bracelet by Ziamond
Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet Round Four Prong By Ziamond
How did the Tennis Bracelet get its name? What is the history of the Tennis Bracelet? What’s the origin of the Tennis Bracelet? Those are some of the most popular questions asked of a jeweler. This unique piece of jewelry that has been around for decades experienced a phenomenal boom after it’s historical moment in 1987. The Tennis Bracelet is a single strand of diamonds or gem stones that form a popular style of flexible bracelet that is worn by people all over the world.  Many people do not realize how the term “tennis” actually came into use.  It is said that the Tennis Bracelet got its name from the world famous tennis player Chris Evert. 
In 1987, during a match at the US Open, Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet featuring individually set round brilliant diamonds.  When she noticed the bracelet missing from her wrist, she asked the officials to stop the match so it could be retrieved! As a result, the term “Tennis Bracelet” was coined and has become synonymous with any bracelet that features a single row of diamond, precious stones, or cubic zirconia stones, individually set all the way around in and eternity style.  
Channel Set Princess Cut CZ Tennis Bracelet By Zamond
Channel Set Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet By Ziamond

 Ziamond Cubic Zirconia Jewelers offers a variety of cz tennis bracelets and other cubic zirconia bracelets in many carat sizes and shapes to suit every lifestyle. Round, princess cut, and emerald cut tennis bracelets are all popular, in your choice of a basket setting, channel setting, or bezel setting. Ziamond is known for producing the finest hand cut and hand polished cubic zirconia jewelry originating from the original Russian formula.  All of our fine diamond quality mountings are manufactured with 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum.

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