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Come on and follow Ziamond on the Twitter, the address is . Shorter than a blog posting, a “tweet” consists of a concise sentence or two and essentially answers the question: What are you doing? Often, the answer is not riveting, as in: “Getting ready for work.” Other times, as in the recent election, twitterers have been put to constructive use, such as reporting possible poll shenanigans.
Twittering isn’t entirely new, of course. The Facebook generation has been sort of twittering for years, posting prosaic bulletins about their whims and whereabouts, providing a glimpse of what the world would be like if hummingbirds could type. The Generation “Nexters” have also mastered the art of texting and IM, so tweeting just adds another dimension.

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Ziamond today at click here to see the other Ziamond Social spaces. With the integration of Ziamond Social our customers can hear and feel the goings on at Ziamond as well as participate in special marketing events that will be exclusive to the Ziamond Social Networks. You too can initiate comments and suggestions via the Twitter or Ziamonds other Social venues. We look forward to Socializing with all our fellow Ziamonders.

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