Fancy Colored Diamond Peacock Worth $100 Million


Graff Diamonds continues to reveal breathtaking pieces of jewelry with their rare and exceptional collection of diamonds.  Graff is set to unveil a $100 million dollar diamond peacock brooch at The European Fine Art Foundation in Maastricht, Netherlands.   

The European Fine Art Fair is known as the fair that defines excellence in art and features exhibitors from 260 leading galleries from 20 countries around the world.  Collectors and museum representatives come to TEFAF as it is regarded as the world’s leading art fair.  Every item is thoroughly examined for authenticity and quality allowing items to be purchased with confidence.  
Graff describes the peacock brooch as measuring approximately 4 inches in height and 120.81 carats in total carat weight.  The peacock showcases a 20.02 carat fancy deep blue pear which is one of the rarest blue diamonds in the world.  The peacock is further adorned with an assortment of white and colored diamonds that accent its design in an elegant and captivating manner.  The piece is priced at $100 million. 

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