Diamond Princess Cut Stud Earrings


First Lady Melania Trump wearing Diamond Princess Cut Stud Earrings.

You could not miss First Lady Melania Trump and her enormous Diamond Princess Cut Stud Earrings on Inauguration Day. Her stud earrings were absolutely stunning to say the least. These diamond princess cut stud earrings perfectly accent her Ralph Lauren baby blue ensemble. They had all the class and sophistication needed to complete her elegant look. As a result, Melania Trump’s soft updo allowed her diamond princess cut earrings to sparkle and light up her face. Her outfit was completed with those large diamond princess cut stud earrings. They made a statement and pulled her outfit and hairstyle together for a flawless look. Consequently, many compared her to the late Jackie O.

Shop Our Princess Cut Stud EarringsChanneling Jackie O.: Melania Trump, 46, looked every bit the First Lady at Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, January 20, 2017.

Melania’s longtime hairstylist Mordechai revealed to Us Weekly¬†that he decided to give the former model an updo because ‘it was important to make sure her hair not interfere with the clean lines and monochrome color’ of her Ralph Lauren ensemble. The look also played up her enviable bone structure, he said. read more at dailymail.co.uk

Diamond Earrings from Day to Night

diamond princess cut stud earrings

Melania Trump with Diamond Princess Cut Stud Earrings and her 25 Carat Emerald Cut and Baguette Engagement Ring.

First Lady Melania Trump took the look with her stud earrings all the way into the night. She wore her diamond princess cut square stud earrings in addition to her 25 carat emerald step cut and baguette engagement ring. First Lady Melania Trump has a great sense of fashion that most of all was beautifully accented by the simple styling of her elegant diamond jewelry.

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