Clean Jewelry At Home Or By A Jeweler But Clean Your Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry at home
Everyone wants their diamond and gold jewelry looking sparkly and shiny as it did when first received it, but like everything, jewelry can get dull, dirty, and worn out with day to day wear.  Many consumers periodically take their fine jewelry to a jeweler for cleaning and buffing, but usually costs are incurred and the time it takes to bring it to the jeweler and wait can be a  bit of an inconvenience.  In addition, some people may worry that cleaning and buffing your jewelry too often can damage or compromise the integrity of their piece.

Cleaning your jewelry at home, with a jewelry cloth or cleaner,  is the best way to maintain the original luster and brilliance of your fine jewelry, and this can be done as often as you feel it is necessary.  Fingerprints, body oils, soaps, hairsprays, and lotions are all daily items that your jewelry is exposed to.  A solution of one part household ammonia to three parts warm water is the best way to keep your precious metal and gemstone jewelry sparkling and clean and also the most cost effective.  Simply soak your precious metal jewelry for 5-10 minutes, then brush all areas (including underneath) with a soft bristle toothbrush and dry with a soft cloth. Repeat the previous steps if necessary until your item is clean and sparkling.  
buffing your jewelry
  Having your fine jewelry professionally cleaned and buffed is suggested every six months to one year, depending on the conditions you expose your jewelry to.  A jeweler will inspect the ring for loose stones or broken prongs as well as the overall integrity of your jewelry.  Just remember that repeated buffing by a polishing machine can eventually wear down prongs or gold on a ring as the buffing process takes off a thin layer of gold to remove scratches and provide a shiny new surface onto your jewelry.
Ziamond cubic zirconia jewelry can be worn and cleaned the same way as fine diamond gold jewelry.  All Ziamond cubic zirconia and gem simulants are strictly the finest man made gems available today and come with the Ziamond Lifetime Guarantee.  Our cubic zirconia cz jewelry is comparable to any piece of fine diamond jewelry available anywhere in the world and Ziamond actually recommends the same exact cleaning method for our cz jewelry as you would do for your diamond jewelry. So maintain great jewelry hygiene and stay blingy!

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