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diamond alternative

Diamond alternative engagement rings.

Natural diamond, synthetic diamond or simulated cubic zirconia are all popular choices but what are the differences and which option should someone choose?  In recent years and with advancing technology the jewelry industry has experienced a major shift in the market specifically towards lab created man made diamonds as well as simulated diamonds, aka cubic zirconia as a viable diamond alternative. Although today’s consumer perceives natural diamonds as a valuable investment, many consumers are opting for diamond alternatives due to the ever changing market and economy. Diamond alternatives provide so many choices as well as affordability.

diamond alternative

Round brilliant simulated lab grown diamond cubic zirconia by Ziamond.

Synthetic diamonds, also known as lab created diamonds, are considered real diamonds despite the fact that they are man made. Synthetic diamonds have the look and characteristics of a mined diamond and even test as a real diamond due to their chemical composition of pure carbon. They are a popular alternative, but are still quite costly. A man made lab created diamond is still expensive, although it is cheaper than a mined diamond. The typical savings on a lab created diamond versus a genuine mined diamond is usually around 25% to 35%. While that certainly adds up to a nice savings, you can still expect to spend a pretty penny. For example a 2 carat mined diamond with great color and clarity may run around $24,000, the lab created man made diamond might cost you around $19,000. There is definitely a chance to save money, but let’s face it, that is still a whole lot of cash to fork over for a stone. In addition to a slight savings, lab created diamonds are limited in shapes, sizes and colors available however, options are improving. Expect to pay a lot of money regardless if it is a genuine mined diamond or a lab created man made diamond.

De Beers coined the phrase “A Diamond Is Forever” in 1947, redefining the diamond as the ultimate symbol of romance: timeless, rare and worth considerable financial pain. Today, companies want to convince consumers that a diamond is forever … even if it was born yesterday.

diamond alternativeEver since the 1950s, companies have been manufacturing diamonds in a lab. The technology mimics nature’s geological forces, using massive pressure, high temperatures, or both, to turn some form of carbon — even just carbon gas — into one of the most expensive gems on Earth. But it’s only within the past several years that man-made diamonds have been able to match the top-quality stones coming out of the mines.

Now labs across the world can manufacture a high quality diamond in about two weeks. It takes the Earth about a billion years to do it the traditional way. Compare that to the 1 billion-plus years for the Earth to produce a diamond, and you get why the traditional diamond industry is up in arms. Via

Why should a consumer pay top dollar for a diamond, when an amazing diamond alternative is available?

diamond alternative

Asscher cut engagement ring with Ziamond’s simulated cubic zirconia as a diamond alternative.

Companies who tout the benefits of synthetic or lab created “real diamonds” charge a premium for their stones. Even lab created diamonds are priced less than a natural mined diamond, they do not come cheap. Ziamond on the other hand, offers the best diamond alternative by combining the look and feel of a high quality diamond coupled with a price that makes it affordable for everyone. Ziamond offers lab created simulated diamond cubic zirconia that are hand cut and hand polished to exact diamond specifications. Lab created simulated diamond cubic zirconia by Ziamond have same look and characteristics of a mined diamond and a synthetic diamond, but at a very affordable price. Ziamond hand cut and hand polished diamond look cubic zirconia stones have all the fire and brilliance of a genuine mined diamond. Ziamond stones come in all popular diamond shapes and sizes. Shapes like round, pear, princess cut, emerald cut, radiant cut, triangle, trillion, marquise, asscher cut, square cushion cut, elongated cushion cut, oval and heart are all available in various carat weights.  Ziamond’s lab created high quality diamond alternative cubic zirconia can also be cleaned and set exactly like a genuine diamond into precious metal settings like 14k gold, 18k gold and precious platinum. While an investment grade 2 carat diamond with D color and flawless clarity can exceed $50,000, a Ziamond diamond quality stone that is also 2 carats in size with D color and IF (internally flawless) clarity runs a mere $200 for a loose stone. It even comes with a lifetime warranty, assuring customers years of worry free brilliance and pleasure.   diamond alternative



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