Protective Evil Eye Necklace Worn By Jennifer Aniston


Evil Eye Necklace Popularity

evil eye necklace worn by Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston wearing an evil eye necklace.

Us Weekly was the first to report on the protective evil eye necklace worn by Jennifer Aniston after the announcement of the Brangelina split , which she was spotted wearing while strolling around in Manhattan recently. Everyone is buzzing about the so-called connection between the highly publicized Brangelina split and Jennifer Aniston suddenly wearing a protective evil eye necklace. It is a far stretch to connect the two, but that has not stopped the media from reporting their thoughts on the subject. Remember, Jennifer Aniston has Greek heritage and Evil Eye jewelry and symbolism is very popular in the Greek culture to protect you from evil thoughts or wishes from others. Continue reading

How To Choose A Matching Wedding Band


Three Basic Types of Matching Wedding Bands

Choosing the perfect matching wedding band can be a daunting task, especially for the groom who may be a bit clueless. It really is a simple task once you have the basic terminology explained so it all makes sense. There are some basic types to choose from, and then a multitude of options from there.  The three main types are called flush fit bands, straight fit bands and shadow wedding bands or contoured wedding bands.

Flush Fit Matching Wedding Band

flush fit matching wedding band

Britney cushion cut pave wedding set with a flush fit.

A flush fit band refers to a flat matching band that will sit up flush against the solitaire or main engagement ring.  For this type of wedding band, the engagement ring must be designed to accommodate the band with enough space below the head or prongs of the center diamond. Usually, these are sold as a matching set as they are cast together and crafted for a perfect fit together. As an example, Ziamond offers the Britney Cushion Cut Wedding Set that features a perfect flush fit style band along with the solitaire.  The band of the Britney bridal set (shown above) is specially made to fit flat against the shank of the engagement ring and to fit just below the underside of the center stone. The prongs of the center stone will not interfere with the flush fit of the wedding band, creating a nice tight configuration with a fitted look. This Britney Bridal Set is offered in a variety of center stone carat sizes as well as metals like 14k gold, 18k gold or Platinum,.

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Second Marriage Engagement Ring Dilemma Solved!


Bigger Diamonds for a Second Marriage Engagement Ring

second marriage engagement ring

Britney 5.5 Carat Round and Pave Second Marriage Engagement Ring Option

A sometimes troublesome topic involving a second marriage engagement ring can be sorted out and solved so the future bride and groom are happy and supportive with the choice made.  Getting married for the second time has a multitude of differences from the first time around.  Financial status may have changed for the better as now you are older and wiser and more stable in your careers. Children are now grown up and on their own and your homes and furnishings are already paid for.

Some women have no choice on the size of their first engagement ring, as they may be a young couple just starting out, but as they mature and get settled in life, they revisit the longing for a symbol of success especially for a second marriage engagement ring.  Other women want a nice sized diamond engagement ring to symbolize the perception that, for the second time around, this marriage will be successful. Continue reading

Blue Sapphire September Birthstone Gemstones


Beuatiful color man made blue sapphire September Bbirthstone

Blue Sapphire September Birthstone

Lets talk about the Blue Sapphire September Birthstone!

Blue sapphire gemstones are the birthstone for the month of September and the modern choice for a 45th wedding anniversary! The Sapphire September Birthstone is a popular alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. I have been a long time lover of blue sapphires for their bold and regal look. Now is the time to showcase your love too!

The color, brilliance, and radiance of a sapphire cast an alluring spell on those who adore them. Recently, sapphire gemstones have become increasingly popular from the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton with the oval sapphire halo ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana. Most people do not know that Lady Diana Spencer actually chose the ring herself that has become the most famous engagement ring in history.

sapphire september birthstone

Princess Diana pictured with her famous sapphire oval engagement ring. Image via

It is reported that the ring Lady Diana close and received reminded her of her own mother’s engagement ring. What a nice gesture for Prince William to present the ring to Kate Middleton, the now Duchess of Cambridge. It features a 12 carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of brilliant round diamonds. Even with a sapphire not being the conventional choice for an engagement ring, it is still a popular contender among many fine jewelry consumers. A blue sapphire is not only for those born in September!

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Get the Best Diamond Alternative

diamond alternative

Diamond alternative engagement rings.

Natural diamond, synthetic diamond or simulated cubic zirconia are all popular choices but what are the differences and which option should someone choose?  In recent years and with advancing technology the jewelry industry has experienced a major shift in the market specifically towards lab created man made diamonds as well as simulated diamonds, aka cubic zirconia as a viable diamond alternative. Although today’s consumer perceives natural diamonds as a valuable investment, many consumers are opting for diamond alternatives due to the ever changing market and economy. Diamond alternatives provide so many choices as well as affordability. Continue reading

American Flag Pendant Sweepstakes Supporting Team USA

USA American Flag Pendant Sweepstakes

Enter to win American Flag Pendant valued at $795.

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here! In honor of this global event and in support of Team USA, Ziamond Jewelers announces an American Flag Pendant Sweepstakes for the month of August 2016.  Show your support for the Team USA at the Olympics in Rio by wearing a USA American Flag Pendant!  Simply enter your e-mail address and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a FREE USA American Flag Inspired Pendant.  Our USA American Flag Inspired Pendant is a stunning necklace that features Ziamond’s lab created man made ruby, sapphire and diamond look cubic zirconia set in 14k white gold on a 16 inch fine rope chain, valued at $795.

Entries can be made via social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Additionally, you can enter directly on the website.  A winner will be selected no later than September 8, 2016.

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